Intellisaurus Walking Robot Kit

What can I do with Intellisaurus?

Intellisaurus is intended for many skill levels. The easy to follow instructions allow someone with a modest skill level to assemble the robot and have it walking in a matter of hours. There is no soldering or programming required to build and play with it. With a little more in-depth involvement you can connect the AI hardware and enable Google Assistant or Alexa. Impress your friends with a smart speaker that also walks. If you consider yourself a true maker or hacker then get into the Source code and modify it. Or, customize the shell in your favorite 3D modeling software and print new parts. You decide!

Install Google Assistant or Alexa and have
a cooler Smart Speaker.


Intellisaurus is an Open Source quadruped walking robot kit.
Learn about biomechanics with this all-parts-included Intellisaurus maker project.

This fun loving guy reaches 8 inches tall. He sports a Arduino Nano to control the motors and a Raspberry Pi Zero W to connect to the internet and run Google Assistant, or other various AI algorithms. He walks he talks he struts his stuff! Its all within the reach of your imagination! This versatile frame can wear different shells such as Triceratops, Stegosaurus, or Dragon, each sold, or created on your 3D printer, separately. All open source software, so you are in control, modify, and improve your Intellisaurus to satisfy your Inner Maker.

Intellisaurus Running Google Assistant

Flexible Build Options

The Intellisaurus comes in three separate kits. So you can choose to purchase only the what you need.

Base Kit

The base kit includes all you need to build the robot. All the electronics, sensors, servos, screws and other items are included (except the two 18650 batteries). All the plastic parts with necessary screws and bolts. The only tools you need is one small Philips screw driver.

This kit includes an IR remote controller, to allow you to control the robots movements directly, without any of the Artificial Intelligence features

Animal Shell – Package

Buy a shell pre-printed or download files and print your own. The shell adds weight to the head and tail which is necessary to balance well while walking.

These shells are provided as a downloadable STL files. So you can print or even modify them. Print in you favorite color. Use your favorite 3D software to customize the shell.

There are three shells to choose from, Triceratops, Dragon, or Stegosaurus.

Artificial Intelligence – Package

Get this bundle of Raspberry Pi, audio hat, speaker, and camera to create an intelligent robot that sees, speaks and understands. You do not need this Package to have the robot walk. The Base Kit includes an Arduino and IR controller which can control the basic walking motions. The Raspberry Pi in this Package sends high level commands tell the Arduino which way to turn and where to go.

This kit does not include an SD card reader for your computer. To make the most out of this kit you will need to connect the Raspberry Pi to your own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. There is a SD card reader on the Raspberry Pi.

Learn Electronics of a walking robot

The electronics of Intellisaurus intentionally uses standard parts used in many types of robots. Using things like standard I2C bus you can add more sensors. When you learn how this one goes together you will be that much closer to building your own designs.  The basic block diagram of this robot could be used with many different robot designs.


Learn to Program a Walking Robot

Get in and modify the quadruped walking code. All the software is Open Source. You’ve been watching those videos of Boston Dynamics robots. This is your chance to learn some of that! The code included in the Intellisaurus kit is fully functional, so you don’t have to know how to program a walking robot. But, if you want to, the world would love to see you make improvements and share them.

To modify your Intellisaurus programming does require that you are comfortable with the Arduino development environment. The code base is not simple, it required months of development. Modification of the walking code is not intended for the beginner. We provide a base of code that actually works as a walking quadruped. We intend for you, the experienced programmer, to get in and modify it.

Learn Artificial Intelligence

When you include the Artificial Intelligence Package you can build an intelligent robot that sees, speaks and understands. Then you can reprogram it, and reach new intellisaurus heights!
With the Raspberry Pi, audio hat, speaker, and camera, you can experiment with Google’s neural network APIs and create intelligence.
Use the camera and Google’s Vision API to see faces, detect emotions and recognize common objects. Then the robot can react to that knowledge, like turning and walking towards a face, or avoiding vegetables.
Use the microphone and speaker to allow your robot to respond to voice commands. Or use the Google Assistant API to build an intelligent robot that can understand you, and respond when you ask it a question, or tell it to do something.

Complete and clear Instructions

Each instruction package will be delivered as a Video, online instructions and a downloadable PDF. These instructions will be easy to follow and thorough enough to allow a deep understanding. These instructions are for every experience level. this can be your first robot build or your 100th, these instructions aim to get you a satisfactory build experience. Our goal is to inspire you to stretch yourself to modify and build different things based on these ideas. You are in control, modify, and improve your Intellisaurus to satisfy your Inner Maker.

Available on GitHub